I would like to think of Earth Liberation Front as a non-profit organization though not registered as such. You may not find us doing the usual voluntary work to benefit humankind. However, we believe that our little way of helping goes a long way.

We are a general information site, which includes a variety of topics we deem necessary to human happiness and sustainability. We deliver it with a notion to inform and educate, making the readers feel the words we write as if they’re there. We want this blog to be a VR machine.

Write with Us


If you believe in the power of words in redefining the world, please let us know. We are calling for contributions on any topic you choose. One thing, though. Keep it wholesome.

We’re calling for writers who aim for a more learned society. Don’t overthink. We’re not asking for the highly scholastic end of the spectrum, though we’ll accept academic posts at any time. Just write about things no one has told us about, like “How My Mama Tried Her Best to Raise A Good Girl in Me To No Avail.” I was just kidding, but okay, you may write about it. On a serious note, please help us with sensible content.

Send us your original composition. A draft and outline will do if you don’t have a full article yet. Keep it between three hundred and 1500 words, and send it to Let us know why your article needs to be published on our site. We’ll send you feedback upon the review of your submitted content.