To get the kind of flavor and taste you get in coffee, it has gone through several processes to get there. From planting, to picking, to roasting and grinding all the way to preparing it for drinking. These processes need to be carried out with precision if you want good quality coffee. The following is a brief description of the different types of coffee roasts.

Light Roast

This is the term used for coffee flavors that are mild. The taste of this coffee is more or less the same as the taste of grain or wheat. When you look at the bean, you will notice a light brown surface and there is no visible oil on its surface.


Medium Roast

This type of roast has a stronger flavor than its light counterpart. It is the most common type of roast found in almost all coffee shops and anywhere you expect to find coffee. The beans are medium brown to the look but they also don’t have any visible oil on their surfaces.

Medium Dark Roast

This is a richer and much darker type of roast that has a bittersweet aftertaste. This type of coffee is also relatively common as it is in between medium and dark roasts. They have some slight shininess in their surface from the coffee oils after roasting.

Dark Roast


If you have ever come across some shiny black coffee beans while doing your coffee shopping, then you have seen dark roasted coffee. This type has some bitterness and you would expect a lot of acidity from dark roast. However, the acidity of dark roasted coffee is very little. They are used for espresso most of the time hence you will notice a heavy feel in your mouth.


Knowing the different roasts of organic coffee give you an edge when you go buying your coffee. For more of these detailed information, try out a cup of coffee from