We’re quite sure that you’ve heard of Avaya, it is after all one of the most famous companies in the industry. In order to provide better services to customer and potential clients, it has multiple platforms that you can choose from, each with their own unique features. But we’re only going to focus on the features of Avaya IP Office Platform.

Avaya IP Office Platform


So this powerful platform will absolutely transform the way you run your business by aiding you in the smooth engagement experience that customers and employees gain from the service. Despite the location, applications, telephony, conferencing, devices used, contact center, joint communications and videos, the Avaya IP Office Platform can help you in everything you need.  The platform also ensures the protection of your overall investments using solutions that quickly and affordably enhance alongside your communication’s need for change. During the initial period, you can use about five users and leave everything to Avaya IP Office to help in expanding those five users to 3,000 users; this can be done one a single site or to a maximum of 150 varying locations.


Another thing that the Avaya IP Office platform is good at is enabling a business’ entire workforce in joining and promoting commerce. Such an activity can be done anywhere, any place at any time; it’s just that convenient. It also helps reduce the IT overhead authentic plug and play which can easily launch applications to any and all your staff. The applications from WebRTC can help give click-to-call options through Google for Work, Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce.com. Clients can also leave their solutions performance to Avaya since their support services can help boost it. Avaya IP Office Platform can help improve a system’s uptime and even provide protection for the investments you made in Avaya Technology.