Warning: What you’re about to read is a subtle revolution. It is not intended to be harsh; it is not fatal. It’s an ardent response of all citizens to the different, frequent calls of Mother Earth through written armies of words.

We are Earth Liberation Front – the epitome of visual and virtual freedom, though not always necessarily radical. Our blog serves as a hangar of free thought and expression for our charters, aka our minds, to utilize before soaring high on air.

As you were. Sorry, I got too carried away. Earth Liberation Front aims to deliver serious yet witty attacks on anything our writers can think of. However, we choose to do away with that military tone. We strive to be informative and fun no matter what, and that’s an order!


Earth Liberation Front took its inspiration from the song, “Stand Up for Love” in 2005. The lyrics go, “If we stand up this one time, then no one will get left behind. Stand up for love.”

I thought the world needs to become united amidst differences. More than equality, we needed equity. From then on, I decided to write about things I’m blessed to know about, keeping in mind that someone deserves to get the gist of these experiences later on.

Hence, I started blogging about anything I can lay my eyes on, including ideas my mind affords to imagine. I called out some of my friend writers to contribute in spreading educational equity worldwide.