An ad request is a request which is given by any of the users. When you are giving the 広告 依頼, it is on the behalf of the advertising results. Any of the individual or user can request on the web page or through an app.

If you want to go for the ad request then there is a certain procedure that you have to follow. When going for the request, you have to generate the ad tag which will be automatically loaded into the user’s browser or the device.

Related Facts

When you are going through any of the web pages than any of the call or request on every page is said to be as an ad request. For any of the ad placement, the ad request is used widely than the ad impressions or any of the display. This is because a web page can easily be left over prior to banner appears.

Difference between ad request and ad impression

People think that there is no major difference between both the terms. As a matter of fact, there is a wide difference between them.

  • Ad requests:

when any of the visitors go to your website then there you contain the zone invocation code. The device will automatically download the page and you can easily receive the invocation code.

  • Ad impression:

in this web browser will automatically render the code. This code is provided so that the visitor can easily watch the ad without any problem. Apart from the as code, ad server is going to provide them with the invisible pixel.

This is how there is a major difference between both the terms.

Final Saying

Above mentioned is the basic guide which is related to the Ad request. You can check it out to understand all the related facts about the Add request.