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There is no weight loss forced with this weight loss plan. When you start treating your body right your immunity level and rate of metabolism goes higher. Once these things start going up your body is the first to benefit. With a high metabolism there will no fats formed in the body. Your body will easily digest anything you eat and this is the reason you do not need to cut down on anything you eat. With a high immunity level your body will cope with these lifestyle changes well and will not fall ill.

Once your rate of metabolism increases half of your stress regarding weight loss is reduced. A high rate of metabolism means that the body will digest anything that you eat and nothing is converted into fat. Once your body starts doing that you do not need to exclude anything from your diet. With a high immunity rate your body will ensure that it stays healthy irrespective of the changes. When you start losing weight some people tend to get weak and their blood pressure lowers. With a high immunity rate this problem will not occur with you. Your body will cope with the changes and keep you healthy throughout.