It is after all one of the most special nights in your life. Don’t look to easy, and avoid wearing very skimpy clothes on the first night. Opt in for some elegant clothes which reveal your assets in the most beautiful way. Women should use light make up and soft scented perfumes, while men should stay clean shaved, and use manly strong cologne. If you’re not comfortable with your assets, try investing in a penis pump today. This will help to bring out the best in you. Click here to read more.

Try to figure out what your partner likes to see you in and dress in accordance. Women should also consider wearing soft, sexy lingerie to tickle a man’s senses. Satin and lace never fail, so make your choice wisely according to your body type. While women who are heavier should opt in for lace, those who are skinny and go in for satin and padded bras. Men should always keep it simple by wearing a pair of boxers or underwear which is not too loud. Subtle underwear is always preferred when it comes to men.

It’s all out in the open and when you’re hooking up with someone at the bar, you both know where it’s going to end. The hypocrisy of feeling embarrassed is better left behind and it’s better to carry the safety net along with you to stay ahead of time. Begin your night by talking, listening to soft music, dancing, kissing and gradually move forward with foreplay and then undressing each other. First nights are usually more difficult for women and men are required to step up and take the first initiative into luring her into bed. Condoms help in preventing unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and various complications that could arise due to the after effects of unprotected sex.