Musicians have formed part of the richest celebrities list in Hollywood for many years now. Well, among these musicians, women have not been left behind and there are some famous female musicians brushing shoulders with their male counterparts in the industry. So, when talking about the richest celebrities in Hollywood, it would be wrong not to mention these top-earning female musicians. celebrity-net-worth5

Here are the top 2 richest female musicians in Hollywood.

1)    Madonna

Among the leading richest celebrities in America Madonna occupies the front row. However, when talking about the richest female musicians, Madonna tops the pack. Her net worth is $560 million. Madonna is a self-made woman in Hollywood. In fact, one of Madonna’s popular songs title is right on the dollar: “Material Girl.”si2

This highly decorated singer has been in the music industry for a decade. Her lovely career has generated her estimated $1.4 billion. She has toured many places around the world, through which she has generated a lot of income. The singer is a famous real estate investor who has an ever rising portfolio in the industry. Notably, on Upper East Side of Manhattan Madonna owns a large townhouse. Moreover, the well-known pop musician owns a great fine art assortment, which features Kahlo, Man Ray, and Picasso.

2)    Celine Dion

The Canadian-born musician net worth is $380 million. Regardless of the fact that is from Canada, she has spent much of her life in Las Vegas. In fact, she has generated a lot of money from shows that have taken place in Las Vegas. Notably, since 2003, she has been able to make a whopping $260 Million from that city. Apart from her Las Vegas shows, the musician has earned a lot of money from tours she has had around the world. Additionally, she has sold over 220 million records all over the world.

Bottom Line

Female musicians are among the richest celebrities in Hollywood. The top two richest female musicians in Hollywood are, as shown in this post.