If you are one of the people who want to spend less time when going to the grocery, what you need to have is an app that will help you sort things out. The name of that app is Buy Me a Pie. Buymeapie is a shopping list app that is like the others that are in the App Store or in the Google Play store. However, this one is different from the rest as it stands out because of the streamlined and easy to use interface it has.


The screen is really good, despite it having only a decent amount of space to put things up. However, it really is very useful because you won’t have a hard time in reading your notes there. A list of grocery items are also included in the app, which is further divided into categories. You can then add them in just a single tap. You also have the freedom to have your own custom or personal items that you want to buy. This is a very good feature because it gives you more choices when putting up a list.

Smart Nature

Buy Me a Pie is also a smart app as it remembers the custom entries that you put into it if ever you type it down and use it in the future. What’s really great about Buy Me a Pie, that it makes it stand out among other shopping list apps is  that it is categorized properly, making it very organized. You surely won’t miss anything. Getting to put a list on the shopping list app is indeed very enjoyable and it removes any stress you get when you go shopping in the grocery store.

Get it now, and have an enjoyable grocery shopping experience.