Malaysia has a lot of beautiful places for people to visit and spend their holidays at. It has an abundant coastline filled with beautiful beaches and the surrounding areas are filled with islands and archipelagos. There are a lot of natural reserves for you to journey and a lot of UNESCO World Sites like the archipelago of 104 islands called Langkawi. These islands are located about 30 kilometers from the mainland and all the islands and the coastline is picturesque. In the last few years the amount of tourists in these islands has increased drastically and has converted these islands into a major destination. images_q=tbn_ANd9GcQXbItfBmHS3Y9Q56dz-GBTll_brSsH6jhJQh7ySq7hq9k0bzN-


These islands were given the World Geopark Status by the UNESCO and you can reach these islands via ferry from Penang or by availing flights from nearby airports. The ferry penang to langkawi are of various kinds and you can book according to your needs. It is an hour long ride during which you will be taken through some landmasses to the main islands. You can enjoy the natural scenery of the Andaman Sea. You might fall a little sick due to sea sickness and you should carry your own eatables for the journey.  There are fixed schedules for the journey and you can book two way journeys where you will get dropped in the morning and then there will be the same boat at the dock to take you back to the mainland again in the evening. You can check out their website to find the timings and also to book them.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcRCTfQ0FDQZFLmbgiXkCB4IW9iirBMxhLHN7Sy4xhao9_XGD7Qj

The Southern Islands are more crowded with tourists and Pregnant Maiden Lake is a freshwater lake in the islands. The Machincang Cambrian Geoforest Park and the Kilim Kaarst Geoforest are of the best places for sightseeing and touring spot.