Tang Group’s latest addition to its residential living properties located at Redhill is named ARTRA. Today, it is now the freshest view in this place making people, both locals and guests, definitely impressed with the new and cool things that everybody is looking for.Condo-site-planMost probably, it is your first time to hear about ARTRA condo Singapore. Thus, you might want to pay attention to the details of ARTRA floor plan. For sure, after getting to know about the basic information, you will aim to have an investment in this condo property.

Floor Plan

When you visit the official site of ARTRA, you are going to see its floor plan. However, it is only the reference floor plan and visitors and potential clients will be given prior notice if the new plan is ready. The plan includes details of the land parcel with the surrounding spots nearby such as the Alexandra view, The Metropolitan Condominium, Ascentia Sky, and Redhill MRT Station.Condo-site-plan

The Repository

Upon checking the ARTRA floor plan, you are going to find a link below leading you to the repository of the registered clients resource. Such project repository might have draft plans and sensitive pricing data that are still unreleased. You are advised not to expose them to public first.

What are you waiting for? Let ARTRA condo Singapore take a big part in making your dreams come true. Find a place that will provide you exceptional level of satisfaction and convenience that a cost that you will never regret.

If you have plans of going to Redhill, then you might get to know first about this new spot and take a look at some essential details including the ARTRA floor plan. Aside from the beauty that the city brings, there is another reason to keep coming back and that is ARTRA condo.