Movies have always been a very important part of our lives and we loved our favorite actors and actresses on screen clicking together to unravel some mystery or pull themselves out of some tough situation. Recently though we have fallen in love with animated movies. The message that animated movies put forward with their simple and innocent story lines leaves us in tears. A couple of great animated movies have released in the past few years and we have reviewed some for you so that you can head to 123movies and watch them online for free.123movies


The Incredibles is not just a great animated movie but it is also a great a great superhero movie. The movie has two adjacent story lines which compliments each other very well and is based on a family who developed some powers through their genes. The animation in the movie is great and urban is world is shown in great detail. Brad Bird’s and Pixar’s creation is an amazing watch for the entire family.


The second movie is ‘Up’, and this movie definitely makes us cry through the 4 minute montage of Carl and Ellie’s marriage life. This movie that takes us on an adventure for 2 hours keeps us glued to the screens just to see if the dream of Carl and Ellie is fulfilled by Carl or not and also show the best side of undying love.123movies


Inside Out is the last movie on our list and also our favorite movie. This movie raises the bar of all other animated movies and is Probably Pixar’s best movie. This movie is about a young Riley who has just moved to San Francisco and the movie focuses on what is going in the kid’s head. You can see characters representing every emotion and it is a rather adult take on the movie.