Although it has only been 3 years since Football betting tips has started the ISL (Indian Super League) has made its place in every household in India, football has however been present since centuries in this country. Football was introduced by the Britishers when they had colonised the country, in mid-1800s.football_indiaThe first league to have begun in India was the Durand Cup in the year 1888. After the game had gained enough popularity among the British soldiers, Kolkata (back then, Calcutta) was not only titled the capital of India but also the capital of football. There happened the birth of India’s first football club, Calcutta FC followed by many names such as Traders Club, Dalhousie club etc.

You will be surprised to know that the now famous Mohun Bagan A.C. was founded as early as 1889!

Football was such a game which brought people from all religions and ethnic backgrounds together. In every team there would be Hindu, Muslim and Sikh players playing with the same zeal. Football, back then, was not only a source of joy for the soldiers, but it was a way to unite amidst the separation which was growing in the country. The british army saw this as a way to rejuvenate their energies and come together with their friends.football_indiaIN the succeeding century, India had birthed many football clubs and 1950 was a historic time. India had qualified for the World Cup 1950 finals! It so happened that their opponents had all withdrawn from the game, making them reach the top spot. However, despite the sudden luck, India refused to participate. Not only failing to see how important the game was, but claiming that the cost of travelling to the match was too much for the country to bear.

However, despite every hurdle, football is slowly gaining the same mark of popularity as cricket. And hopes are such that the game may even surpass the fame that any other sport has ever received.