Getting a website where you can watch a full movie for free is quite hard. This is because most movies are copyrighted and only their owners have rights over them. If you upload a movie on a website like YouTube, there are high chances of the movie taken down. For people who are willing to pay for the service, there are a vast of sites where you can stream latest movies at any given moment. There a couple of movies that can be watched for free online on YouTube, but those topping charts on box office can’t be found for free. Here below is a guide on how to watch free movies movies online

  • com

Although this is a paid service, you can subscribe to the service and receive 30 days trial. During the trial period you can watch almost any movie you wish for. There is vast of movies and tv shows you can watch on the site for free. 

  • ag

PrimeWire is a website that is ever updated with free movies and other video content. To watch movies on this site is absolutely free. You are not required to pay even a dime for the service. 

  • so

SolarMovie has ton of movies you can stream for free. The website has been alive for quite some time and it has a huge number of visitor who watch movies on the site daily. The website is fast and has high quality movies. If you have been struggling with where to watch free movies then SolarMovie is your answer. 

  • cm

This is one of the best sites to stream movies for free on the web. The website has no TV shows just movies. It is regularly updated and has quality movies online


There are some people out there who think it’s hard to find a free movie streaming service. Whereas there are tons. All you are required to have is a good internet connection and time to watch them.