We can all agree that our work-life balance is not that great. Taking 3 to 4 hours from our daily lives might be a little heavy to ask for. Watching a movie is not that simple anymore. We have to book the ticket, prepare and refuel our car, get in line for entrance, buy popcorn and refreshments, and driving back will take our whole evening away. Don’t forget that the prices for those popcorns and tickets aren’t cheap either.watch-free-movies-online-without-downloading

So, what can I do?

There are other ways for you to enjoy movie without burning a hole in your pocket and without sacrificing the whole evening. You can enjoy movies right on the comfort of your home and couch.

That’s right, this article has some top websites that will allow you to watch movies online.

What are top websites to stream movies?

  1. Ozoomic.com: It is one of the best website to stream and watch movies online. It has a large database that holds a large number of movies. The website is also regularly updated, that means you will not be missing on anything new.
  2. 2.123movies.is: The only downside of this website is that, it is packed with redirecting and annoying ads. But besides that, this website is also packed with a number of new movies which allows you to stream and watch it online without any interruptions.watch-free-movies-online1
  3. 3.Vodlocker.ch: This website has some seriously amazing UI. This website is user friendly and has way less annoying ads when compared with other similar websites. With its beautiful UI and search options, powered by large database and online streaming capability, this website is a must visit for all those movie junkies out there.
  4. 4.yesmovies.to: This website is also powered by amazing user interface, large database and search options, but like other websites, this website uses ads to keep it up and running. But the amount of international and domestic movies that it has to offer, pretty much makes up for it.