If you are not too sure about the eligibility for earned income tax credit the best place to find out what these details are is to check the earned income credit amount 2016 online. The terms keeps changing and it is very essential for you to stay updated with the latest terms since this can help you benefit in the best possible way. income-tax-refundEarned income tax credit is usually available in most states of USA, was checking whether or not your state is eligible for this credit is always a smart thing to do. An average of one person out of every five misses out on this credit because they are not aware that they are eligible for it. Earned income tax credit is for people who are on a low or moderate income. It helps them to save on taxes and use the money for something more beneficial or useful to them. Any person who earns below $50,000 is eligible for this tax credit.income-tax-refundWhen you are applying for the earned income tax credit you should know who to list as your dependents in the application form. Your qualifying child should be listed as per the rules of the scheme. Not every person knows this however the qualifying child does not need to be related to both the parents. The qualifying child can be related to either parent through marriage, law or blood. You can list your step child, your step sister, your step brother, your adopted child, your grandchild and even your niece or nephew as your qualifying child in your earned income tax credit application. Once you get the approval for the earned income tax credit you can then start planning for a better life for you and your family.