In the residential or corporate world, you might have heard of Marina One whenever something luxurious centres a topic. And luxurious it is, all over the world it has gained massive fame for their innovative and appealing residences as well as offices. But there are actually more to Marina One than that; they have an interesting history as well as partnership with other corporations. Read on ahead to find out what Marina One really is.

Marina One


Marina One is considered as a mixed-use development, meaning that they have integrated various services, location into the plan; may they be commercial, residential or industrial functions. Marina One is bounded by the Straits View in Marina South as well as Marina Way. It has also been earmarked by the Urban Redevelopment Authority in order to become an exceptional area that caters to lifestyle, commercial and residential activities.

If you’re wondering who their exceptional developers are, it’s M+S Pte Ltd which is also owned by Temasek, Khazanah Nasional and Malaysia’s strategic investment. Initially, M+S Pte Ltd was established in order to properly oversee a land swap deal that involved Singapore and Malaysia; a big chunk of land that’s owned by Marina One is actually part of the established land swap.


In terms of design, Marina One has Christoph Ingenhoven to thank for. All in all Marina One covers over 3.67 million square feet in terms of gross floor area.  The development would include two 34-story residential towers, a retail podium as well as two 30-storey prime office towers. The Heart on the other hand features incredible landscaping and greenery planned out by Gustafson Porter in partnership ICN Design. Marina One’s groundbreaking occurred last July 11, 2012 accompanied with the presentation of its architectural design by both the Prime Ministers of Singapore and Singapore.