You must have heard of bitcoin, right? It’s the most happening crypto-currency out there. Well, the ethereum wallet is similar. The difference is just that in this case, the currency is in the form of ethers. Ethers are sources of energy. In this case, ether tokens allow you to gain access to the ethereum block-chain network and manage your own contracts and applications without taking the help of any nosy middle man.


The idea is the brainchild of a Canada-based company known as KrytoKit. The ethereum network is pretty good. You don’t have to fear about any outside interference, neither do you have to handle any middle-man. In order to do all this, you would need ether. That’s the token the site accepts as payments. Initially to load ether to your online ethereum wallet, you would need to exchange bitcoins and altcoins. Once this is done, you are open to conduct your business and manage your ethers.


The smart way to manage ethers is to get a wallet. The MyEtherWallet is an online ethereum wallet which helps you manage your ethers effectively. The functioning is simple. All the data gets stored on the client side, so there’s no risk of putting excess load on the server. Unlike other wallets which are still in the beta stage and can’t handle much load, the client-side data saving policy puts this wallet well ahead of the others. The Ethereum Wallet is the official wallet as such, but it is not an online wallet. It is application software which one has to download. This is in its beta stage right now, and can’t handle much load. So, the best online ethereum wallet there is right now is the MyEtherWallet. You can manage all your contracts and ether tokens here with absolute ease of use, and effectively.