Tinder is one of the most famous dating apps today and it’s quite easy to use. The matches that you see are based on your location as well as your mutual interests; it’s so much better to start chatting with people that you something in common with. But how exactly can we have successful Tinder Chat conversations? Here are some ways to hook them in, but if in case they don’t work at first then you shouldn’t be discouraged.

View their Profile


A simple step like this will only cost you a few seconds, you need to look for a common interesting topic that you can start the conversation with. You might notice a unique hobby that they are fond of or entertaining photos or even interests that you two are passionate about.

Start the Conversation

Make sure that your statement evokes the person’s emotion so as to catch their attention. Compliments can excite someone, just make sure that it’s not an overly used line; also, avoid physical compliments. On the other hand, make them happy by saying a funny line or surprise them by having a unique common interest. But it’s better if you can make them feel a whole array of positive emotions as you chat with them.


Add a Personal Touch

When chatting with other people in Tinder Chat for the first time, aside from coming up with an entertaining opening, use their name in the message. It’ll seem like you put in a lot more effort and attention, they’re bound to appreciate that. Also, don’t use shortcuts and check your spelling; incorrect grammar and bad spelling are huge turn-offs. Multiple studies who that people don’t want to chat with those that purposely use shortcuts in the entire conversation, it leaves a bad first impression.