If you are a retro music lover, obviously you would have heard about vinyl and turntables. According to the record player or the turntable lovers, the quality of sound produced by turntables cannot be compared with any of the modern music players in this digital world. They were solely crafted to fulfill the purpose of enjoying the essence of music in a peaceful manner which they have been fruitfully successful in, ever since. Moreover, the number of turntable users around the world has seen a rapid increase lately. Not only it brings back the nostalgia of the golden era, it is the simplest machine which produces the mind soothing music without any hassles and hundreds of features to confuse you. However, if you too have become a vinyl lover and planning to buy a turntable for yourself, let us tell you some points that must be considered while looking for a turntable. crosley-cr6232a-br-300x300

Points to consider while looking for a turntable:

  • Make sure to get quality for money: For sure shifting your budget to an upper level signifies you need for a better option. Make sure you are getting out the best quality for the money you are spending. If you want to shift to the high end, you must have a good knowledge about each single part so that you can configure all the components of a turntable such as the needle, the tone arm, platter, etc. by yourself.
  • Manual or Automatic? That would be the biggest question to ask to shortlist almost half of the variety available in the market. The only difference would be that in a manual turntable, you have to place the needle over the rotating record by yourself, whereas, in an automatic one, it would be done by itself. However, the satisfaction you gain by doing it yourself cannot be provided by the automatic turntable.clean-vinyl-record
  • Belt-driven or Direct-Driven? There would be two options available to you based on the motor. In a belt-driven turntable, the motor is attached to the platter through a rubber belt. The belt absorbs any kind of jerks to prevent any kind of disturbance in the output. However, the belt may expand over time and sometimes even lead to breakage. Still, experts prefer belt-driven turntables due to the quality of sound they produce. In direct-driven turntables, the motor is directly attached to the platter and they are usually preferred by disc jockeys.

Some other points you might need to consider would be the quality of needle, the platter, and the stylus.