Since we were little, we have dreamed if the perfect setting, place and date of our wedding. Who doesn’t want that? All that’s actually left in our imagination is the bride or groom, yes even guys think about it too, just not as creatively as the girls. A perfect moment deserves the perfect shot, something to look at once the moment has passed

If you’re dreaming of a perfect moment in Mexico then we suggest that you hire one of the top wedding photographers Puerto Vallarta. No, your best friend carrying a video camera or a DSLR won’t be enough; remember that you only get one try at a perfect wedding. Also, if you don’t have a particular place in mind then we suggest somewhere in Puerto Vallarta, it is a stunning place after all.

Ave Sol

Ave Sol was just recently established in 2015 by Toms Cirkis, they were actually the very first photographers in Vallarta that delivered their finished products in just two weeks; not only that but they’re famous for high quality photographs as well. Ave Sol has been features in various blogs and magazines thanks to their style and creativity.


If you research some of their more famous works, you’ll be surprised by some of their clients; Ave Sol has worked with Eva Longoria and even Demi Lovato. They accept just about any request with regards to the photo shoot and they gladly accommodate any type of wedding; those that want to incorporate all kinds of traditions, those that keep their distance from any kind of traditions and same-gender couples.

Online Portfolio

Obviously, you want to see how they work and what their photographs ultimately look like. Just go to their website and check out their display of various finalized photos. They cater to photo shoots for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, family, decorations and various other events. The photographs are divided into categories, so if you choose the wedding category then you should be able to have a number of choices when looking at their portfolio; we’re sure that you’ll also find a smile on your lips as you see the happy couple’s special moments caught on camera. On the list, you’ll see the happy couple’s name and the location of their photo shoot.

Sayulita, Mexico Wedding Photography by Sayulita, Mexico Wedding Photographer Jillian MItchell

Booking Ave Sol

They offer a digital package for wedding photography which has 3 to 8 hours; the price starts at 850 USD. On the other hand, full day packages starts at 2,000 USD; don’t worry because they offer a discount up to 10{28df11dc43a0d97273ea73c251f2990a10e2bf55f21b7c565c29f4a25ff183cd} from Monday until Thursday. Of course they are a busy team and you need to take into account their availability so it’s better if you contact them first before finalizing your plans. On their website, you should be able to see all their contact information; an official email address, a contact number for Mexico and the US. Also, you can send them a question right away when you fill out their online form for inquiries.